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New York

  New York City

Su tour incluye:


• El paseo consiste de un paseo guiado a traves de Times Square hasta el centro Rokefeller  y el Radio Music City Hall.


• El recorrido continúa en la Quinta Avenida de Madison Square Park, con unas fotografías del edificio Empire State y el edificio Flatiron.


•A continuación, visitar el 9/11 Memorial y Trinity Church, la iglesia histórica donde muchas personas se refugiaron del World Trade Center se derrumbó durante los ataques del 9/11.


• Todos nuestros guias tienen las licencias correspectivas para el paseo este 100% garantizado. 


Precio por persona: $75

Duracion: 6 horas aproximadamente

Sitios vistos: Statue of Liberty, Manhattan panoramico , 9/11 Memorial, Korea Town , Broadway , la estasion Grand Central, y muchas casas de los famosos 


Disponibilidad: Todos los dias a las las 8h00, 12h00, 13h00, 14h00, 19h00, 

¿Qué sucede después de que reserva?

Usted recibirá inmediatamente un correo electrónico con su confirmación, junto con las instrucciones y recomendaciones para el tour.


Paseos en español Manhattan
Ciudad de Nueva York
Manhattan Recorridos en español
Nueva York
Tour Nocturno Washington DC.JPG

1. Travel in a Comfortable Black SUV

One of the main reasons why our clients keep returning whenever they visit DC is because we provide an extremely comfortable trip. Go on a ride in our fully air-conditioned and spacious black SUV. It will make you forget about your worries in life, at least for a few hours.

There is nothing more pleasant than traveling around Washington DC in a black SUV. It provides the highest level of comfort. You may see the Secret Service driving by the similar vehicles.

Tours en Washington DC.jpeg

2. Knowledgeable Tour Guide

Washington DC is a city that is filled with historic landmarks. The city is completely different from any other place in the United States. It is well-preserved and filled with a lot of history. Therefore, it is important to go on a tour with a knowledgeable tour guide to gain a better understanding of the city. Besides, you can show off your newfound knowledge once you complete the tour and head back home. It will make your trip much more memorable.

Capitolio de noche- recorrido de Washington DC.jpeg

3. Flexible Pick-Ups

We here at Private DC Tours offer flexible pick-ups. You get to decide where we should pick you up, with some restrictions. Let us come to you so that you do not have to spend any money on Uber or Lyft. We value your comfort, time, and money. Hence, we will ask you where we should pick you up and drop you once the tour is over. You get to take full control of the trip. It is a pretty good option to have.

4. Pay One Total Price for an Entire Group of Up To 7 People

The best thing about our Washington DC Private Tours is that you only pay one total price for your entire group. Whether you want to go on an adventure with your family or friends, you pay a single total price for up to 7 people. Thus, you can even break down the price among your friends to easily cover the cost of our service. You will find our service to be well worth the cost. 

6. Better Pricing

If you compare our service with other private tour companies, you will quickly come to know that we offer better pricing. You do not have to overspend on Washington DC Private Tours when you hire us. We are here to help craft the most cost-effective DC tour for you, one that is within your budget.

7. Visit Attractions You Only Want To See

Everyone is interested in different attractions. It is something that we have learned over the years. That is why we provide Washington DC Tours that are solely based upon the attractions that you want to see. Take complete control over the itinerary and let us know which attractions you want to see. We will leave out the rest for another time.

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